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Shape the future of data management



Starhive is the unified data management solution of the future. With it, you’ll gain a complete view of all your data assets, leading to better business decisions and greater overall performance.


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Gearing up to eliminate bad data

We’ve all been in situations where business data is missing, incorrect or out-of-date. Those situations lead to bad decisions, missed opportunities, and decreased revenue. The Starhive platform is designed to ensure you never experience bad data again.

As a unified data management solution, Starhive enables you to increase operational efficiency with improved data quality and enhanced asset governance.


Connect the dots

Make your siloed and domain-diverse data management a thing of the past. Starhive aspires to be the most comprehensive, flexible and agile data management system on the market, supporting structured and unstructured data for businesses of all sizes.

Let's leverage the power of the Starhive unified data management solution to bring value across an array of verticals, including operations, human resources, sales, legal, IT, facilities, and many more.


Platform features you’ll love: 


Import, model, and structure your data, your way


Secure operational freedom with unlimited attributes and references 


Increase data awareness and understanding with graphical visualisation of all assets


Always find what you’re looking for with enhanced search capabilities 

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Run a data management solution that helps you to…


Improve data quality

Eliminate the data errors and inconsistencies that come with manual data entry. By automating this process, Starhive will ensure greater data accuracy and completeness, empowering you to make better business decisions based on reliable data.


Increase efficiency

Remove the burden of manual data entry for your team and free up company time for more value-added activities, such as in-depth data analysis and improved customer engagement. 


Reduce data duplication

Streamline your internal systems and consolidate data from multiple sources with Starhive. As a unified data management solution, Starhive will reduce the risk of duplication and data inconsistencies by offering a single source of truth for all teams. 


Become a part of the Starhive journey 

Help us make the most comprehensive, reliable and flexible unified data management solution on the market. Start testing our platform for free and provide valuable feedback to our teams.